Wednesday , September 28 2022

Bruno de Caravo's lawyer compares journalism to a brothel


Bruno de Carvalo, a lawyer for the former sports president, revealed the media approach to his client's treatment. In a publication published on his Facebook page, Jose Preto compared journalism to a brothel.

"Never have you ever seen such claims about Mabeks against someone from the prostitutes of the newspaper," said the "Horse Preto" publication,In three private antennas, their devotees were away from the bottom of the screen and were unable to show Bruno de Carvallo on handcuffs and the cellular van could not ".

Lawyer BarrioRro again attending the court Bruno di Caravos knows his immense threat.

The judge of the former Leone leader leads to provocations. "Repentance and death are described by the wrong rules of homeopathy that are not explicitly described in the hurting of those who love them," whereas the media is described as "dirty and forested glasses".

In the absence of others, Jose Péroo pointed out that in the absence of others, personal self-esteem for others was "to work well after the work, but for the victory of others".

Author: Saturday

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