Friday , May 14 2021

Brazil breaks into Croatia and sets up the stage (League of Nations)

League A A depth of 2-3 points depended on a third party leading Spain to Croatia to go to Croatia for Spain.

After the first half of CRAt's dominance, the Balkan formation has also been achieved to benefit. That party did not last long after Dani Sebosso returned on the scoreboard after two minutes.

Back in Croatia, he scored a goal in Croatia. In the 69 minutes, the Jawwaj field was shaking. Sergio Ramos will make a mistake.

The runner-up was the chance to cross the rain with the aim of coming to the house of the house near Jadav's house.

As a result, Spanish participation in the group stage of the League of Nations ends. With six points, Spain is interested in the tournament between Croatia and England.

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