Tuesday , March 21 2023

Ball – Rui Gomes da Silva Against the Return of Jesus (Benfica)


Through blog Benfica generatorRuby Gomes Dil Silva, the former Vice President of Benfica, shows every week. George returned to Lusa, and in June 2015, Rui went to Vittoria.

«JJ Washing's picture Benfica predicts worst! I'm not talking about the game's contracts anymore. When he spoke about Benfica when he was a coach of sports, you could say, "No, that's what you can give back". Who speaks that he will justify his exit from Benfica?

"One who has come, and whoever comes will not be put to shame; He knows that he has succeeded where we have succeeded, even if the scams of corruption are successful. Manchester will not play in the Champions League quarter-finals of the Champions League in the 1/8 final, which will come out in January due to an excuse to avoid participating in the championship. If he succeeds … it will always be a place for those who want him … even if he sends him away! If you lose it … it's not always the rum voyeuria, … "the year is that!"

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