Thursday , June 8 2023

TVP Team at Gdańsk City Hall. A spokesman for a journalist's behavior


"In UM Corridor, TVs that do not have a Ticket try to strengthen the Secretary's Office of the City Treasurer," Magdalena Scorpacca Kaskarek, a spokeswoman for Gdansk City Hall explained. The journalist did not introduce himself, nor did he in any program he represents. They said they were from TVV's.

Paweł Adamowicz, from the "good change" in Voroniks, was regularly attacked by TV news programs. He criticized the defense of the judiciary's independence or the defense of political acceptance in the lecture of his second anniversary of World War II.

Łukasz Sitek, TVP Gdańsk journalist, and TPP Information have been showing a particular disturbance for some time. Once in the streets of Warsaw, Pavlé Adowoviks was in a hurry and one was attacked by the Gadransk president of a school in the school, but the TV workers do not necessarily harm children's ceremonies.

Sorrow is over

On January 14, Gdańsk Dying president attacked before being cut down in the province of Valeas. On Saturday, January 19, Pavel Adhomovich was buried. Mourning has passed only a few days ago – as spokesperson in the giant city hall said – TVV is back in the old ways. "In UM Corridor, TV's unexpected team attempts to reach the Secretariat of the Treasure of the city and does not respond to requests to send the questions to the Press Office, because they are not familiar with themselves, and the program and the journalist do not know exactly what they do, but they do not have to do it. From their own Indeed, "- wrote magdalena skearpaka-kasmarmak.

"The formal conclusion has ended, so TVV works in Gideon without the massacres," said a former Polish radio journalist, Prismusla Susabertovis. TV cases are threatening

The death of Paweł Adamowicz announced the laws of Poland, President Jesse Kursky, in Poland. Osbidsman Adam Bodnar, Gazette Wireless Wokesche Saxunsky, Professor Wojciech Zadarsky, and musicologist Christoph Schickba.

The wife of the president of the Gudansky Magdalena Adomesi says that the TPP's performance is not afraid. Because Paul Television played the part of her husband's death.

– Those who attacked her husband were not journalists. These people are not eligible for this word. One of those people repeated after Pavel. My mother came to work. Mother had to run on the back side. Should this be general media? – said Anowowicz in an interview onet.

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