Monday , May 29 2023

The victim’s mother, Dominic de Agnelica, responds to her “great return”: “Everything you say is a lie.”


It will be two weeks soon to see the light of day on the corruption involved Dominica de AngelicaUntil recently, he was selected to be the winner of the ninth season Excellent model. The aspirations of the young man were successfully thwarted by the internet users. Dominic was there, according to information provided by Operation Care To sexually abuse a minor girlThen sign her and her co-workers on her naked body.

Many believed this after revealing an uncompromising past Dominic de Angelica Good will disappear from public consumption, an aspirational model, & nbsp;A good friend of David Wolisky Returned to social media last Friday. In a recording he prepared for his fans, he thanked them for their support and assured them of his innocence.


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On Saturday night, in a video of De Angeles, she finally decided to respond The victim’s mother, We had the opportunity to speak directly after the outbreak of corruption. Dominic is again clearly provoked by this woman trying to please internet users, suggesting that she is a victim of this condition.


here we go again. So this is your brother #iamstefendangelica returning Full caption in italics on my daughter’s buttocksAs noted in ID No. 29, I need to identify myself with the signatures of others in other parts My daughter’s rape body. You go back to social media as if nothing had happened and try to manipulate the audience: 1. You didn’t; 2. It was the most difficult time of your life; 3. Thank you all for the love and support they have shown you which means so much to you in this moment! So you are the victim! – The victim’s mother, Dominic.

The young woman threatened to consider publishing recordings that cast any doubt on De Angelica’s guilt.

Maybe I should send this to all news portals and newspapers. Photo of my daughter who was raped, photographic evidence in signature on your brother’s body … this way The whole world will see and hear the cry of the victim you destroyed. Maybe I should go public with a detailed forensic interview Your role in the rape is described – We read in the testimonial on Facebook.


In addition, the teen’s mother recalled that Dominic himself had confessed to the alleged acts and had been sentenced. So his mistake in this case cannot be questioned.

To It’s patheticThe need to “check” your anonymous fans seems to be very important to you these young people. You are intensely seeking attention. Every time you open your mouth you make me react, because everything that comes out of it Lies and fabricated attempts. An “allegation” is usually an assumption that someone has committed a crime without providing any evidence You have pleaded guilty! – We read.

Do both parties need to meet again in court?


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