Tuesday , March 21 2023

The price of oil has gone up


At the start of the week a portion of the distribution became more vulnerable. New York's main futures contract, light sweet crude for April delivery, They were barrel of US $ 55 per bar and crude oil at $ 65 a barrel. However, these measurements have become strong tech support grounds. Quotes from it were dynamically boycotted. The Brent crude price dropped below Monday morning. The cost of crude oil is one million dollars.

Crude oil prices were down in morning trade on Tuesday. This is due to a discount in US and Asian stock exchanges following the global recession. Miserable expectations of the conditions in the global economy translate counter to the expectations relating to crude oil.

However, in the case of the oil market, Monday's session is expected to be optimistic over the entire week. OPEC OBRC officially announced the reduction of output even if the world's oil production is high. Such a move would lead to a rise in oil prices. This is especially possible if Russia joins the deal. Russian delegation will meet representatives of the Russian car Oppe in the first week of December.

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