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The most commonly chosen answer is “No politician deserves such a name”


According to the SW Research poll, Rafin Traskovsky has the best chance of becoming the Leader of the Opposition. The second result was won by Szymon Hołownia. However, the answer was often chosen by the respondent that none of the respondent politicians deserved the name.

The current president of Warsaw, as leader of the opposition, indicated 21.2 percent. Respondents.

Honovia after Trasaskovsky

He is followed by Simon Honounia with 18.7 percent. Participates in the study.

The most preferred option was “No opposition politician deserves a name.” So 24 percent decided. People.

Only 9 percent. Christoph Bose decided to become the Leader of the Opposition. 2.8 percent of people chose Włodzimierz Czarzasty.

Boris Budka and Vadisva Kosiniak-Kammis were even worse. 2.2 percent will see this role. Rods. The “other politician” option indicated 3.2 percent. Participating in the survey. 16.8 per cent. Could not decide.

The Leader of the Opposition in the Warsaw presidency is seen by every fourth person over the age of 50 and the same percentage of people with an income in excess of PLN 5,000. Due to its location, residents of 200,000 or more cities referred to Rafs Traskovsky. Up to 499 thousand people – 25%

– Piotr Simolsk, vice president of the board of the research agency SW Research, says in an interview with

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