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The finale of "First Look at the Wedding": two couples have accepted a divorce. Even more!


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The last episode Wedding in the first sight It's been a long-awaited response – The relatives of the experts decided to stay married.

The Origin of Relationship Agatha, Makki They were not easy. It was because she did not have the support of her mother who she was reluctant to marry in marriage and marriage. The honeymoon showed that Aguila was blurred when the magic was standing on his head to override his defenses. Unfortunately, he failed even after returning to Poland. Finally he was discouraged.

Then he learned that he wanted to stay with them. Psychologist Magdalena Chorus Calus She taught my wife to speak honestly. And finally it did, Makki He did not propose divorce and obligation. Agatha did not want to hear about it.

A little ball – either we gather together or divorce – She stood firm. Maciek is older than I am. I think I should think about the future in this age. I do not think Maciej emotionally matured. I know what I want from my childhood. After today's speech I am not very lazy. The feelings of my part have not yet appeared, so this is good.

Masik agreed, he was not.

Some kind of toughness and attitude attracted me He said. I am a calm, valuable and attractive woman of Agatha. On the one hand, we want to pull it further, on the other hand, I do not want to.

Until the end of the fight they fought for the marriage. She moved to Konkania and started a sincere conversation.

I'm not hiding, I had this bar on the start, but over time it broke down, now there is no hassle – She said.

There was a prostitute in my head, I do not know what to do. There is a problem that I can not break – Messi has agreed.

You're going in the easiest way – Agata dismissed. I also said a lot, no, but I've come to my attention. If you do not try, you will not be convinced.

When Maciek feared to hurt her, he tried to convince him that he was so impure and fragrant as he had thought.

I lived a long way in my life, I'll be a buddy. I'm not a five year old boy. I do not need a protective barrier – She said.

On the day of the decision, Maciej agreed not to use the opportunity he got in the program. Those moments were appreciated together. The couple decided to divorce. A month later, they are no longer connected.

I do not remember when I got in touch with the music. I'm not losing – That said.

I do not have a need to get in touch with that. I have no feelings about Agatha. I like her, that's it – Maciej shortened.

Marriage Martina and the Pizem It's not going to succeed from the start. Because she was overtaken by her husband's chances, she could not dream of being a "handsome bret". They agreed with him that they were friends in her honeymoon. Then the disgraceful behavior of plummo gave him anxiety. At the end of the examination, she began to feel hot and heated.

I spent most of the time with today's cost-benefit. I did not smile long with him. I miss a little And when she had gone, she departed.

The couple agreed to spend Easter Easter together. Finally, he was trying to beg.

I am ready to change. I've already changed. I am not mad about myself, I hear – he said.

The day of decision after Christmas came. Psychologist Piotr Mosak Martin responded that he had violated the laws of experiments. That's because they were charged with preachers. The participant tried to defend himself.

I am quite honest in the election, and I understood it very seriously and connected myself. On the wedding day, as I saw it, I thought I'd got those features that I did not want. I do not want to leave the plate. In Barcelona, ​​I did not sympathize with his exuberance of humor – she explains.

You have made a decision for everyone Mosque said.

At the moment of Prospek's decision He declared that he should continue in marriage. Unfortunately, Martina decided that "she is not sure if she wants his wife" She decided to divorce her. Nevertheless, she wanted to be friendly with her husband. A month later TV cameras visited mates. They realized that they are no longer in contact.

I think that will be the case – said Przemek. At last she gave me so much. I did not give up anything. (…) This test does not affect my life in any way. I live in a tail room and eat as I ate. If I try to get more girls, I will go back to the program.

Unfortunately, it failed – Martina summed up. Sad to me, I do not want to end this way. I am waiting for divorce.

Anita and Adriana As the same pair from the beginning, they were good precautions for the future. In the first moment, they liked each other, and their wedding and bees were like a will. They tried to open one another and tried very hard. They showed the pages of their families and met their loved ones. At the end of the exam, they were simply a little doubt.

Get a spell within a month Adrian expressed his fear.

However, this did not happen, and on the day of the decision, the wives took hold of their hands and met with experts.

We are no longer a test, we are just a couple. I thought about the future, about planning. I thank you for the adrenaline distance – Anitha said.

I showed you how to enjoy the little things – Adrian added.

Just before the announcement of the decision, they thanked me for a moment.

I thank you for your courage in life, To report to this program. Thank you for taking that seriously. Everything is ahead of us – It is not.

Thank you for showing me the meaning of being lost. Thanks, I have a smile on my face. I want to know you We created all that was written down – Admire who kisses his wife summarizes.

Both of them decided to get married. Everything is over Adian Adrian suggested. A month later, TVN television visited a couple.

I'm not sorry to try to join experiments, I'm happy – Confessing the man.

We want to know each other, This is the first dispute, the first difference of opinion. We are looking for our place and we do not want to rush. We want to be together, we want to try – Anitha said.

Finally, Adrian He touched his wife's belly He asks everything if he feels good, everything is okay, it must be advised … They expect a child. It should be appreciated.

TVN has already announced a recruitment for the next edition. Do you think there are many volunteers available?

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