Wednesday , October 5 2022

Spice Girls is a record. Millions of people wanted to buy a ticket for their concerts


Spicy girls break the record. Millions participated in their tournaments

Message about the return message Spice Girls She was a madman to the British. Scheduled in 2019 Concert tour All the popularity of the legendary petroleum was recorded and the eyes were full.

Sales Platform Representatives Thiccathasmus It was reported that about a million people tried to buy tickets on Saturday Spice Girls Concerts. At one point, more than 700,000 people had queue on the website.

When it comes to what's happening, girls can play in almost every evening of the year – said the ticketmaster director.

Due to great interest, he decided to add more dates to the concert tour. Spice Girls There are eleven concerts in Manchester, Convent, Surreal, Edinburgh, Bristol, London. A singer is a special guest of travel Jesse Glene. And yet we can not see this scene Victoria Beckham.

Spice Girls They are considered one of the most important female bonds in music history. They sold over 80 million albums and their songs "The girls" He has become a regular part of the history of pop culture.

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