Thursday , September 29 2022

Serneki drowned in the head of KNF head. Will He Survive? – Business and Commercial Law –


Bombay blast resulted in articles like the Gazette Vibezza and the Financial Times. Merk Kranovsky, one of the largest partners in the guinee group, had a report from the Chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission's Market Meeting. A billionaire was recorded. His lawyer alleged that the investigation was responsible for the supervision of the scam and informed the prosecutor's office about the suspicion of a crime. The KNF press conference rejected the allegations yesterday. But after the afternoon the committee chairman resigned. Prime Minister Maytows Morawike attended a ceremony. Attorney General Zbigniew Ziobro also announced the personal supervision of the investigation on this subject.

– The words of the KNF head can not be defended and resignation is the only one. Now you need a man who can audit and handle existing things. Maybe office services should be scanned – our source is the head of the government.

In KFF's opinion, the publication date was not unexpected: when the study was complete, the recordings came out and felt how distributed at Gateback's papal tons. It is managed by the IDBI Bank in a big way.

From June to September supervision conducted under supervision. Three weeks before the recordings were issued, the PFSA Audit report was sent to the bank. We have already described some of the findings contained in the DGP. From the record we received, the bank offered money to Gays Bones and made investment advice without the permission of the financial supervision. The bank's management board and supervisory board members were doing their duty illegally. KNF has doubled the funding of the Total Investment Fund Act, three banking laws, the finance ministry and the internal bank rules. Supervisory findings show that in October 2017, Leicesky Circnk was aware of the sale of banks' sell-off bonds.

Idea Bank to Wednesday – November 7 – PFSA's charges got time to mention. This was a part of the supervision of the Prosecutor's Officer. Polish has tried to enter the bank in a list of publicly-funded warnings. (The Polish Financial Supervisory Authority indicates that today's work does not strictly enforce banking operations). Last Tuesday, we asked Idea Bank to respond to the audit findings. On Friday night, we were told that "we can not say anything about connecting with a company that oversees the financial markets of the financial markets in the Polish banking industry."

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