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Retirement age changes again: 6/12/2020. Retirement pension before the age of 60 – What is the minimum retirement pension amount?


It’s time to move on to President Bill Sejam. What are the possibilities? The presumption of the presidential project is very simple: you have worked for 35 years, you have worked for 40 years – you retire whenever you need, regardless of age. It is important that you have been liable for several years – or that you have voluntarily contributed a pension to ZUS. The last donation was received, you reached 35 or 40 years of service, and you can apply for your pension. If this regulation goes into effect before March 1, 2021, the minimum retirement pension will likely be PLN 1,560.

We are still waiting for the President’s promise to be turned into a draft bill, which will go to SEZ and pass quickly. Over time, due to the lack of a draft, a ready-made social draft of the law on retirement pensions was prepared and submitted to the President along with a petition on the subject. Everyone is waiting for President Andrzej Duda to submit his project to Sejam.

Switching to the so-called internship pension will be a privilege, that is, it will be voluntary. Since the amount of old age pension still depends on the accumulated capital, everyone who wants to receive a higher pension should look at not only their age but also the capital accumulated from the contributions, based on which ZUS calculates the amount of their monthly pension. Each extra month of work, not to mention years, is a high pension – not only because the employee receives additional contributions to the retirement account, but also when calculating the amount of the pension, the money collected by ZUS is divided by the smaller months of a man’s or woman’s imaginary age. From current death lists.

The government rebuilt. The revised structure of the cabinet will work in next year’s budget, and one of the most important issues for the general public, depending on the shape of the budget, may be the final liquidation of the pension rules, the final liquidation of the OFE, the indexation of pensions, and, of course, the introduction of the institution of internship pensions.

Such a solution is considered a complement to the current pension system. Currently, as we know, in order to retire – for example, in addition to uniformed services – you must be at least 60 years old for a woman and 65 years old for a man.

Currently, in the case of early stage workers, the length of service is closer to fifty than that of only forty.

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Its origin is that of Andrzej Duda, president of the trade union support for “Solidarno”, but add his own condition – the capital accumulated in the retirement pensioner’s account should be allowed to pay at least 120 percent of the pension. The minimum pension currently in effect.

Minimum Seniority Pension: 120% of the minimum retirement pension

This is due to the fear that the money collected from the pension contributions of people retiring before the age of 60 will be small and as a result the pension will be a penny.
Low pensions from ZUS are still the main reason for seeking solutions, as it will become a new pension law and improve the financial situation, especially for those receiving the lowest pensions. At the same time, the public finance system does not allow for an increase in subsidies for pensions from the state budget. Kovid, who has already been promised and joins the 13th and 14th Pensions, is questioning the law – but does not know if there will be enough money in next year’s budget to fund such social events, and their suspension will be further considered.

Pensions in 2021: Lots of unknowns

Also, not only is it unknown – the work to liquidate the open pension funds has not yet been completed, it was due to be transferred to private personal retirement accounts already in June this year as per the law first approved by the SEZ.

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We know what the pensions index will be from March 2021 – 3.84 per cent. It is included in the draft budget law presented by the government. Wasn’t inflation at 3-4 per cent? It may look beautiful, but in practice it has many important values ​​in the pensioner’s portfolio, e.g. Not to mention energy, waste collection, and other housing-related fees and medicines – they are much higher than inflation and the planned index rate.

It is not known whether the minimum pensions above the indexation index can be found to pay more and more. The current minimum pension is PLN 1,200. G.As promised, if another PLN100 can be raised from March 1, it will be PLN1,300.

Retirement pensions by 2021 – minimum PLN 1,560

Returning to the new scheme of seniority pensions, if they apply today, the minimum retirement pension for a woman who has worked for 35 years will now be PLN 1,440, for a man who has worked 40 years, regardless of their age.

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On the other hand, if the minimum retirement pension is raised to PLN 1,300 from 1 March 2021, the minimum retirement pension will be PLN 1,560 (after 35 years of service for women and 40 years for men).

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