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Patriotism is all memory of the tree. This tree is very much needed


Patriotism is the result of the memory tree of all countries. Prime Minister Mathews said. & # 39; The Rescue & # 39; The phenomenon is in 2018 memory. He thanked everyone who remembered the memory. Because, as he has stressed, we can build our modern identity.

Patriotism is all memory of the tree. This tree is very much needed. Thanks to all the water of this tree and protect it, because on this basis we can build and rebuild our great history, our modern identity

"He said.

Thank you for these values ​​- "We will look more courageous in the future and achieve the goals we expect."

In the example of an argument with Israel about the importance of today's monument, the power of the State, in remembrance of World War II, we were extremely happy during the year of independence. Many of us seem to be shocked – how different is Polish history, because this shameless teaching has greatly appreciated the history of today's history. And many wondered. This is a major component of the construction of a modern component of the state power. On the one hand of the soft power, on the other side of the identity of the nation and the effectiveness of international activities

"The prime minister said.

The prime minister pointed out that the two approaches represented by the people in relation to public opinion and memory are his approach. An American scholar on Poland's spokesman Walter Zizek said: "Poland was brought to the US to bring Poland back, evangelization in the territories, and later detained in the camps." He added, "It was a silent positive-romantic hero for our character."

In Poland, Carl Levitott, a Polish freedom activist who was arrested by German authorities in 1840, said that he was the head of the government. He said that we should not spend the rest of our partners in freedom.

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