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Oopto HD31UST – a home cinema projector in a small apartment


Optima has introduced a project that allows you to create a movie replacement in a studio apartment. Ultra-short break technologies, Optomo HWSSUST, less than one meter below 100m. The projector will help others in movies, movies, and sports enthusiasts.

OppoMo HD31UST gives you a limited space for the need for a home screen theater, giving you the perfect look. Project does not require any complicated installation, easy to use light enough to use (3400 ANSI lumens).

Because the projector can be placed in the TV cabinet, the ultra-short pot crack technology used here will eliminate the shadow problem. The screen diagonal is required from 80 to 100 inches (2.03 to 2.54 m), making it ideal to achieve in such a situation. Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixel) The projector displays a picture with the reflection of a color range 709 – Rebuilding the movie colors and their saturation director's goals will always fit. In the Eco + mode HD31UST lasts 15,000 hours of lamp.

Vertical and horizontal trapodial errors and the ability to freely organize each element You can also use a projector with no project screen. For example, it is suitable for use in summer.

The devices are also set in two HDMI 1.4 connectors, allowing it to be independently connected to two image sources. Ultra short throw projectors are much older and relatively smaller than previous generation. The weight of 3.3 kg is 343 x 383 x 112 mm.

Price and availability

The Optoma HD31UST projector is now available in select electronics stores and electronic stores. This device is equipped with a warranty of 2 years and the annual (or 1000 hours) light source. The retail price of HD31UST in Poland is PLN 5,290.

Optoma HD31UST – Key Features:

– Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels);
– High brightness (3400 ANSI lemons), allowing projection in all cases;

– In the ultra short program (UST) projector, the projector is suitable for use in smaller spaces (eg a studio apartment);

– Institutional Facility – Several communication options, vertical and horizontal trajectory correction, geometrical formation of the image angles;
– compatibility with HDMI adapters such as Google Chrome ™ ™, Amazon Fire and Apple TV;

– Support for WHD200 – A transmitter allows you to connect the projector to wireless, for example, a console or a bluerer player;

– 16W speaker built-in.

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