Tuesday , September 27 2022

New HEAD Suggestion. Order a plane with WP: Email, for example via phone – news and information from the country


SuggestionEffective November 25. There are 80 pages. It introduces a number of significant changes in the flight of the most important people in the country.

"All the airplane flights with the president are still legal, as the Prime Minister or the SGM, Speaker or Senate HeadAnd the Defense Minister's suggestion is related to security procedures. According to new regulations, it is the head of the State Security Service that provides such status, "WP.pl.

The SOP commander, who announces the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency, will receive HEAD status according to the restrictive restrictions for Polish military carriers. The information about the personnel on the plane will be handed over to the SOUP commander and the flight forward flight is scheduled before the start of the day – We read at the beginning of the instructions.

Secondly, "emergency situations" less than 24 hours (via e-mail or telephone) "less than the operator, the operator operator."

Third, in addition to the VIP from military aircraft, "other persons holding management positions related to the activities of official duties" In this example, "Members of the Official Delegation of Employees and Employees of the Most Important People of the State."

"However, controversial issues," other people "to allow the flights," other people "to allow a system of the most controversial subjects and controversial matters, in exceptional cases, human assistance, the most important international interests and responsibilities of the Republic of Poland, or enter such avasyakatayan.at What is the main interest in the passed – or other people – it is ", WP.pl.

The new proposal says that one of the most important persons in the country, including the president and the Speaker of the country, can not find on a plane. President and Prime Minister; Prime Minister and all Vice Presidents of the Cabinet; More than half: Members of the Cabinet, National Security Council, Special Services College; Half of the military commanders. The flight does not have time, but reduces the fog, storm, stone, rain, visual or intensely burning.

"Controversial Issues: Prime Minister's office chiefs should be responsible for policing policy and policing aircraft Poland. VIP– Operates command of the Polish Armed Forces using the head position ".

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