Sunday , April 2 2023

League of Nations: Switzerland – Belgium, Match Match


  • Winning the Swiss in the final against Belgium
  • At 3: 2, hosts were at the crease
  • Finally, Helvetes won to achieve the next goals and made an impossible opportunity

Prior to the meeting, Helvette hoped that they will defeat the Belgians and advance to the last of the League of Nations. The visitors did not have a goal or a goal and if they scored two goals, the Swiss players were filled with their players.

At the start of the match, the Belgians gave them a cool bath. In the second moment, one of the host's administrators made a tragedy in direct hit directly on the feet of Torgan Huskar, who bowled in penalty area. Belts has no problem to beat Swiss goalkeepers. After an hour, the same player again entered the list of shooters. Yvonne Somerskar was seen in the Borussia Monchengladbach Swiss in the quarter-finals of the penalty area.

When the hosts were beaten, the play in the game changed completely. In the penalty box in the 25th minute, Tibauţ Cortos rebelled and referee Daniel Orzzato to go for the eleventh meter as the Belgian goalkeeper. Ricardo Rodriguez took a penalty nearby. After five minutes, a tie came. With a century, Shakiri and Harris Zephorochi reached the ball.

A minute before the end of the game there was something unexpected. Sefrouvik was now waiting for Edmilison Fernandez's flat in the 11th meter. The first ball to hit a ball to hit the ball was the ball, giving the Belgian goalkeeper a chance to score his second goal. They came to the locker room of the squad 3: 2, returning from a very long journey.

After changing the sites, the Belgians again attacked. The Eden Hazard has scored a big ball. He scored a goal from the 16th line. With a friend in the 57th minute, there was an opportunity to raise the score. From the square to the free kick, Shkhi decided to go to the bar.

In the 62nd minute when the stadium in Luzern stadium, The fourth goal for the Swiss team was from the right side of Nicole Lloyd, winning the 4: 2 lead at that moment.

Finally there was a lot of excitement. Both teams created a number of situations. However, the hosts had great expectations. They scored another goal. After gentleness, Sefarovich grabbed the ball again and beat Cortez's header and raised it to score 5: 2.

The Benjians can only reply to the bar of the Aden Hazard. Last Swiss Swiss 3- goals scored. They changed to the final of the League of Nations final.

Switzerland – Belgium 5: 2 (3: 2)

Goals: Nicolas Everest (62), Torgan Hazard (2, 17), Ricardo Rodriguez (26th penalty), Harris Zephorovic (31, 44,

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