Tuesday , March 21 2023

League of Nations: Portugal – Poland. How do we give a split part? News – Brastie is waiting for a move


Laodontowski will not only lose the game and even the White and Red team in November.

"We have long tried to escape, especially when it comes to pratireadhakkarute injuries. Now we have to play in the European championship, but the biggest goal scored by Robert lavandeavski the most important goals for the team. You have to show that in the class and quality mirringinumumpa. Geayrarasil difficult time I am waiting for the official press conference coach to overcome bresesekkine Jersey.

Source: TVV

After the World Cup defeat in Russia, Adam has not won five doubles titles as Brescac and Coach. At the opening of the Italy 1: 1 in Bogau, he won only one team in the League of Nations. Then came the defeat in Portugal (2: 3) and Italy (0: 1), and decided that the next edition would be played in the White and Red Division B in the next edition.

We are not satisfied with the League of Nations, but these matches have given us the experience of European Championship qualifying team. I do not consider the precautions to be the most difficult in the fight against Portugal. All were harder and they worked hard. The atmosphere around the team is not the best now, but looking at Polish football history, it is the most dangerous in such moments – indicated Brzęzek.

Bernardo Silva is likely to win a century from Manchester City. The Golden Golden Madrid in Leand has scored goal for Manchester City. Centurion, Netherlands, England and Switzerland beat the teams. They will organize the finals of the June finals.

– Battling the opponent we really demand. If the League of Nations has succeeded in our group if the team wants to play without Real Madrid, it is a luxury, white and red coach.

After drawing a 2-2 draw with Germany, from 2014, at the expense of world champions, 20 teams will play in 10 football teams from the first football in European Football Limited, and Briske players in the spring qualifiers will certainly be guaranteed at the top shelf.

Source: TVV

Local coach Fernando Santos is expected to have a strong double ton. He feels guests will try to surprise his team.

– Poland is a good team that wants to prove its quality. This is likely to be far better than the last four games from past matches. Now they have more rest, and I think they can achieve success with us. That is why we should approach this meeting in a mature manner, "said the European Champions' coach.

It will be the 13th overall of both teams. White-red balance has three wins, four draws and five strokes. Goals: 12-17.

The start of the competition in Guerrero is 20.45 in Polish time. Referee will be Russian Sergeys Carousel.


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