Friday , May 20 2022

L. ME-21: The king of Chavez was David Kovanasi


Poland's 21st National Team Successful Successful on Tuesday After the Tournament of the Youth European Championship, Cicasloso defeated Portugal's Portuguese Portugal (3: 1). After 1-0 defeat in the first match of Zabrze, only a few believed in the promotion of White and Red.

There are players with participation in training camps and trained personnel. One of them is David's. Striker Samtdoria became the king of all organs of the shooters. Former Lesh Pozson scored 11 goals and overcame Robert Rock from Denmark.

Danielle Day One day FC Barcelona and Eight Goals are the Bruce maya. Now playing in the levante, but borrowing from Real Madrid. He has played 20 league games in the Royal Games. Three goals have been scored.

There are nine contestants in the third half of the podium. George Puskas of Georgia (George McCaskess), George Meskas (Joseph), German Puskas (Joseph) Russia), Carlos Sandberg (Sweden). Luka Jovic is the most valuable player in the list of players. The value of Eintracht striker Frankfurt is estimated at 20 million euros for portal. When compared, the value of the ark is 7.5 million euros.

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