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Kings Cup: Girolona FC – Real Madrid, Match Match

Promotion issue was completed after the first meeting at the Bernabeu estaudio in Santiago. The king succeeded 4: 2. The king refused to provoke the next stage. In the third minute, local residents were built indiscriminately for some time. From Alexander Graham to Free Kick, from the bicycle line, the ball golfer golfer, and then from the magnificent golden star Douglas Louis.

What happened to the natives, the guests fell down. In the 27th minute benzema turned to the right. The ball was transferred to Daniel Carvalwal. The shot of Gorsy did not give the chance to the left at long intervals.

Within a few minutes, Marcello made a more beautiful work. He then beat the Brazilian in the penumbra and then beaten the opponent. Guerana's goal keeper was a successful intervention.

Benesma scored the second goal. At this time the ball was hit by a ball from the vincias when the ball hit the net. After the change of the side, Lucas Vasquez got the opportunity to do so. He only went to shoot Marco Assencio.

In the 71st minute, Keerich used a single time with Nawaz, led by Pedro Pororo Real. In a few moments, we reached a first shot from Macross Lorraine.

Barcelona, ​​Real Betis, Valencia CF. The semi-final pairs draw on Friday.

Giorgi F.C. – Real Madrid 1: 3 (0: 2)

Goalkeepers: Pedro Porro (71), Karim Benesma (27, 43), Marcos Laurent (76)

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