Wednesday , March 22 2023

IPhone does not sell as it is in the range – apple construction limit


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Oscar Simmonc

According to the latest information on the web, the iPhone does not sell the iPhone that does not conflict with the first idioms, the problem is that the Apple is expecting a cheap XR model, mainly cheaper and theoretical. According to sources in the Wall Street Journal, the interest is very low and the Apple is forced to control the production of smartphones.

As Reuters points out, the number of components required by the manufacturer may have been misunderstood, among other people using the iPhone models much more commonly used: XS, XS Max and XR. According to the information provided, the Apple XR model also decreased the order of 1/3 for 1/3. These changes are also made on iPhone XS and XS Max, in which case they should be smaller.

While this situation is not really useful for Apple, it is pointed out that special components suppliers are very favorable to minimize the number of orders. Apple uses a number of distributed companies, so multiple manufacturers can reduce the number of orders.

When I realized that the iPhone's interest was declining, it was recently realized that Apple had left the usual information about the number of smartphones sold – think of whether the change was correct in the form of current issues in the sale of suspicious users. It is not surprising that the overall density of the smartphone market and the lack of cool inventions in new models is not enough for selling iPhones.

The PLN could be worth a value of 3700 when we priced the iPhone XR at the Paul Market in the Paul Market, and the XS Maxi price could be more than 7000 in the largest memory capable model. As a curious, even after such expenses, the user can not use a quick charging. Precise charger and cable should be purchased separately for hundreds of zlotys.

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