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How do you use your smartphone? See how others do it


How long can you change your smartphone everywhere? Do you use a computer or a normal telephone? Check out how others use smartphones.

They often look at the smartphone, but want to end them

Deloitte recently made an interesting study on a name Deloitte 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey. It shows that this is an average American He looks on the smartphone screen 52 times a day. Compared to last year, average 47 per cent is average.

Perhaps the most interesting thing – two-thirds of respondents want to reduce this number. This smartphone users would like to see very little on most smartphones, however He can not stop. For me, even if you think it's different than the vast majority of people around the world.

Survey shows 40% of users She used to use her smartphone during the day. About 60% of the age group of 18-34 years recognize that they are slaves to their equipment. More, because 63% responded thinking they tried using a smartphone to limit their time, but only half done. The rest of the fruit ended with a bad result and died in the fight for anxiety.

In the previous year, "only" responded to 54% of respondents who wanted to reduce their time using smartphone. As you can see this year This rate increased by almost 10%.

Everywhere we have smartphones with us – At home, in bed, outdoors, in work, while we sleep, while in party. They have completely separated the lives of most people.

Photo with a pex

Photo with a pex

Other interesting statistics from the survey

It is also interesting to note that some other statistics obtained from this study. You can see them in the bulleted list below:

  • The share of smartwatches among Americans increased by 1% (this rate was 14%).
  • Exactly 11% more people use Siri or any other sound assistant a year ago.
  • The smart speaker becomes more popular – 20% have responded to 12% since last year.
  • Some Americans use tablets – a decrease of 62% to 57%.

They change their smartphone every three years

The Wall Street Journal report brings us closer when the customers decide to hand over smart phones. It is changing Many of us do it often, How can we first see it?

2.83 year average customers are waiting for new smartphones instead of their new smartphone. The waiting time is obvious. Two years earlier, this indicator was 2.39. When average two years ago the average user transfers over an average of two years, average yearly average user gets a little dependency in 2018.

It's easy for them to share with Android on iPhone

The iPhone's ownership is average for three years. The expected indicator is 2.92 years, and the owners of smartphones have taken the logo of the bite apple More attached to iPhone Any other user can own an Android smartphone.

The situation is due to the two sides. The first of these is the price of the device – if one chooses to spend a few thousand people on a smartphone, it is very close to it and wants to serve as long as possible. The new iPhone is in this situation The most valuable smartphones. The second reason is mobile operators that help to maximize the delivery time with the smartphone.

I think this data is at the time of my experience and that I am exchanging on my iPhone Exchange every three years.

Photo with a pex

Photo with a pex

A smartphone like a computer – not a phone

most likely About half of all smartphone users spend an average of 5 hours a day. Some of the smartphone owners are better, having two hours of work, giving at least 7 hours, and every day it spends on the smartphone screen.

Counterpart Research with Photo

Counterpart Research with Photo

According to Counterpoint Research Research, smartphone owners They are more likely to use the device as they are from a computer. They routinely browse the Internet and do various activities and play games instead of playing the phone.

The above information is on smartphones – Calling is a gathering – We use very little time than other features of this device.

Research has shown it 64% of the users use a smartphone to browse the web62% of which play games. Interestingly, more than half of the respondents (56%) still send phone calls and 54% of text messages.

Photo with a pex

Photo with a pex

How is your smartphone used?

In short, the above information should always be kept in mind The changing smartphone market. Now, there are trending tools Big discrepancies Display, ie, users spend more time watching movies and playing games. Smartphones' computing power is equipped with computers, their motion is useful somewhere.

No wonder if we can spend more money Premium smartphones that can stay full of time for us. In the meantime, they provide us with improved options (such as illustration) and faster operation. These trends, of course, show in this article In the next few years, they will become stronger – We're slowly passing through smartphones with custom displays.

Do you agree with the above study and decision, and are your smartphones differently used? Do you feel you're a slave?

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