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Comin Stroke: Interview at the fourth position in this season of the season – Interview


Comin Stock: In the beginning, I felt that this jump would be technically superior – for example, in the first series. Speaking in a marvelous language, "the path to script was far away". When I returned again my balance lost, so I was only going to go inside, to fight for a long distance.

Is 0.3 points missing from an angry or poker within you?

Comin Stock: No exaggeration, no anger, the fourth place at the start of the season is not bad, or very good. I was confused when Friday after reaching the qualifying examination after the first jumbo. I did not know where I was, but I spoke to the trainer, started texts, Saturday and Sunday, and I was able to make progress. I got on the jump. We succeeded in the team on Saturday. I fought for the personal match on Sunday. Not bad.

After Friday, we were all worried that something was wrong.

Comin Stock: So much here, I came here to know how I worked in the summer and what I can do in the next weeks. A six month old goat does not go to the jungle, but a technician who has the right physiotherapy needs to move for good jumping. I'm sure it will surprise me.

In other words, are you going to the end Wisła?

Comin Stock: How! Of course, I'd like to win here or at least put on the pad, but I have to take. There are many seasons in front of us – I open up many opportunities to use many different opportunities, opportunities and opportunities. It's just the beginning. I have it already, I usually do not get much faster. It's not a big jump, and then I'm sure I can do nothing more for this moment. Snow requires some more solid tests to gain confidence and confidence in what I do. This weekend, I was working primarily. It is badly damaged. So, some feelings pass through. In short, it looks like I'm working on Vistula, and the last efforts have already been improved.

Anything else to improve beyond the intranet?

Comin Stock: There's something to improve. In general, all the jumping – to improve them! If serious, I have fixed the planned position, then I can concentrate on reflecting it – so it should be in its direction.

Whisla has many new abilities. Sunday studio comprising Karl Gayegor and Fin Anto Alto – Evekani Clemov, Rayo Kobayashi and Stephen Layhey. Do you think that this "fresh blood" can keep this fast throughout the winter?

Comin Stock: I do not know, everyone is a personal matter. This is not my business. I'm going to focus on myself. However, I think their appearance is good and that there is something good to jump. The above mentioned Russian systems have a profound effect on this country. In recent years, many resources and money have been invested for the development of this development. They only collect these effects. However, some of the low-lying passengers considering the fact that they are not so high are not yet high, and they will say the following weeks. In Whisla, many players who want to win have found out who are over 10 or more.

After the first round, the difference in the game was minimal. From the wind?

Comin Stock: The beam was a few lower and harder to find, but one gets a small explosion on skiing by changing the situation, and then … sorry.

Fortunately, each day talked about the situation of landing.

Comin Stock: Beginners were difficult, but sometimes we went through it. The snowfall began to fall from the sky and Sunday's second row is inequality. It was a bit slower, and it showed excellent performance. When I'm done, maybe I should not talk …

You and some other opponents had a problem with landing, and with the departure. Has it made you dust on the ground – is not it the fault of the landing mountain?

Comin Stock: No, this is a subject of the Hill profile of the apostle, where it is too small and sharp to change to a steep plant. If a player is not badly prepared for landing, he needs to meet the draw. There are no complaints about Ski Jump. This inauguration was a miracle organized by the moment, between October and November, in Poland.

If there is a big hill in the country, is there any training in it?

Comin Stock: At one moment we are going to Kusumova, so there is definitely no place in the near future.

You've lost the saints. Santa Claus and Reindeer?

Comin Stock: of course. Another match, next challenges, and next possibilities.

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