Thursday , June 8 2023

Champions League Juventus – Manchester United. A good old friend comes back


– I have a good relationship with him, I have seen a friend. The announcement of Leonardo Bonifik is to go to the tournament for Champions League matches against former Juventus Field Leader Paul Porba in Manchester United.

The World Champion was in a spot where Wednesday afternoon, but the young man who lost his life grew into a world-class star. After coming to an agreement with Manchester United, he came to tour in 2012. Four years later, after the revolt against Popover, he was the world's most expensive player at Old Tuffard. The expectations of the admirers and the experts were huge.

The 25-year-old still does not live up to these expectations. He is unable to find him in the defense system that supports Jose Mourinho in the current club. So the Allianz Stadium's pitch reminds us of 90 minutes of good and successful moments. In Turin, he did not perform on the pitch, enjoying a good relationship with many younger players. Bonus in it.

– My old old buddy. We are football players, but we are people, we have grown up and we both know each other and love each other. We already met, the stadium stadium would have a big emotional stance – said an Italian stop watch, told Sky Sports.

– The best players have come to Universus. Regardless of whether to play with us or to play with us. I spoke to many players about that. I'm talking about Paul. Sam was given a chance to return to another club in tune. But what would Paul do? My not – Milan year old bonus said. Was he using his own story to sell another seed of uncertainty at the head of the POHA?

Friedman regards the piezyme's capital again with legislation. After the next season, the dispute with Maureen does not end, and his story is likely to be curbed again.

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