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A non-free, powerful Rzeczpospolita may fight you in a bloodless way


You can fight in a way that you can not fight for a free and strong comedy, such a time is ours; Prime Minister Maitas Moraveki announced by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at the annual 100th Annual Conference of Independence.

With the entrepreneurial economy, the economy, the creativity and the innovation of your enterprises, you can fight for freedom.

– said the Prime Minister at Gazat Polla Weekly Gala.

As Mathews Morawicky said, "The relevance of this contemporary performance to our sovereignty and sovereignty is vital."

Over the last thirty years, the stagnant history of Poland (…) is an important part of our economy in the hands of other initiatives,

– he added.

However, he added: "These will not be bad, because these companies have to pay taxes, develop portfolios, and create jobs here.

As the French economy shows on the strength of the French economy, the German economy (German) on the strength of the French economy. For years, strong Polish industries will enable international expansion, more and more about the power of the Polish economy, pay, research, and Taxes are created by creating new innovative jobs based on chemistry and science

"The prime minister pointed out.

The Prime Minister added that there are more initiatives like our stimulus and the locomotive of our economy.

According to the definition of the 21st century, we build Poland's sovereignty. The network, which developed well on international cooperation, is growing in Poland's capital

– he added.

He added, "We are building a strong economy for the next 100 years, perhaps more than that."

I want these changing situations to lead to the fact that building more brands are based on the fact that the Polish developers are developing too much.

– he added.

The Prime Minister says: "There is no strong economy without a strong society."

Society has a economy of itself. This is the new model that we put forward is another model, a solidarity model based on a strong economic system in many areas of social life, on the basis of reasonable financial transactions

– he pointed out.

In the galley, read a special letter, weekly Tomas Sakvi's chief editor-in-chief delivered the chief editor. The law and Justice President Jaroslav Kassiansky also handed over.

Thank you for the kind of "Gazeta Polsk" for your kind remembered, and the "Gala" 100 Years of Independence "

– PiS president emphasized.

He also appreciated the project "Excellent Economy". Projection Company's "Financial Freedom Fund of Firm" organized a 100 years annual anniversary of the company.

Not only this valuable enterprise, Odrodzonej has expanded and expanded the economic history of Poland, and the events from the economic history of the countryside of Poland are closer to our heart.

– said President Kazizanski.

Our ancestors paved the way for the modern development of our country, and unfortunately World War II broke down.

– he added.

We also encourage you to think about how to use these experiences in our work today to build a wealthy and rich Republican politician in Poland.

At the same time, PIS President "The whole community + Gazatta pose + winners and many great initiatives".

As organizers of the 100th anniversary of Independence stress, "Contemporary Polish companies have the basic idea of ‚Äč‚Äčindicating the tradition of thousands of small and small enterprises in the first 20 years of independence".

Big small enterprises have been submitted to the general election. Of them, a jury selected 100 companies. They later voted for readers of the newspaper.

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