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Touring BVR goes to Dum Gurga


Touring BVR goes to Dum Gurga

Shakyi is headed by 20 local and international pairs. The 10th Beach Volleyball Republic Tournament will be held in the Women's and Men's 10th.

Saro Thomas University of UBL champion Baby Lonen Barban and Jenas Eslapor of the two-day Spike Fest at Rassel Bollwend Sand Craft held the women's division war.

Last month, N. Nido took the match to Surinaya. In the tournament, he joined CB Rendinue and became the first man to join the Manila Open Tournament.

The winner of the Elonado Leg of the Beach Volleyball Republic will be headed by Charo Soriano, who will lead the women's women's dumugut. It also helps international players led by Sama Miyagawa of Japan. BVR photo

Japan's Sama Miyagawa, Tin Lai of Hong Kong, Tati Sablán in Gomami, Mithanashi Masto and Takashi Sahichia.

BVR is now becoming a platform for beach volleyball after student-athletes' college.

In the ninth half of this year the KO Guzman and Crunk Arbasto will also take part in the Ustad Sangam. Two pairs from Hostu Dumaguete, Ryanald Katippe, Buenos Aires Saysan, Justin Tubaza, and Jaron Lathanal.

In El Niño, he joined the men's division Ivan along with Guzman and Jeron Regignt in the Manila Open championship.

The first section of the BVR was that of Buenos Aires, Santa Ana, Kagayan, they became one of the entertainment venues. BVR is a hiking trail in Dumaguati city. The 70th anniversary of the festival and the festival of Fiesta is celebrated. Cebu.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Romello accepted the hostesses with the goal of raising the city's reputation in order to create a sport tour.

Women's players include Koia Abbotto, Jan Au (Air Force), Ernie Magdato, Aleksi Polydario (UNO), Mahrissi Kozin, Beanas Liaris (USA), Dj Rodriguez, Danna Jamies (Sebu), Angelina Damas, Grace Barris (DIPLogue)), Jenner Senaras and Jennifer Kose (Bacolod).

Simon Aguilyan, Ralph Savaleeno (Beckold), Dean Neil Deppdro, Harold Parsia (USLS), James Bates, Edward Camposano (NU), Michael Shawrak and Mike Abbraia (Wildcard).

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