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The WWE star reveals that it worked before Survivor Series for collaborating with Rawther


The former SmackDown Women's Champion, & # 39; The Philomula Truth & # 39; Is not in favor of fans in the R-Truth team.

In the mild match match challenge of WWWWW, the dance brand in Midland has introduced Division Breaks. WWE chairman Vince McMahon has even offered dance breaks to make some form of smashdown 1000.

31-year-old Leela van Dale, in Massachusetts, Massachusetts, is now preparing to avoid the removal of the traditional 5 on the Survivor Series.

She waited with Barzé Cheemas and Cisero discussing his feelings about the evolution of women in the WWE and working on the truth with me.

The questions in London were Danny Stone of Mirrors.

There is no trot and car in the Smack Down 1000

As a smoky down women's champion during your reign, you've been praising people who criticize you online, trolleys, and others. How happy are these fans, and what comes out of the woodcuts as a fan every day?

Carmelo: It's always fun to play a bad guy. But not everyone wants to jump through the carmell band, now a popularity in SmackDown! They love me or they hate me because they talk about me, because I will take it, so I will take it.

Your old ally, James Ellowworth, is an inter-sex partner in the WWE. Now that you are in the mixed match challenge, then just as well, the men and the women will be separated after bells are rounded. Do you need more inter-gender in WWE? If so, do you want to fight against the men in the team?

Carmelo: Honestly, my favorite part is the Mixed Match Challenge. It's very interesting. I work with who's running. When you fight with a pill as a partner, it does not know what to do for you, it introduces a different element from the table.

When you have competition with a typical women's match or regular men, you know they are going to fight. If there is a bit of a mixture, you do not know what's going to happen, I think it's very interesting.

… what man do you like to face?

That's a good question, I do not know. Mixed match challenge now

Chemis: You can always use & # 39; tony [Cesaro]

Carmelo: of course! We could do that

Chemis: The truth about me and tony, you know. He is good in a beautiful widget

Cesaro: Is Cesarella Right?

The Carmilla and R Truth Dance Break broke out with the mystery of SmackDown 1000

Carmel, you were in evolution at the first WWE pay-per-view event of the first lady. How was a part of history, and what message did you state that the event arrives to sports all over the world?

An unexpected day. All with women and all women were gathered together for this historic event. I was honored to be a part of it. Now we are in the middle … I do not know why you do not know why you are in the midst of these women's evolution. Because I do not know if women are part of this evolution. at this time.

This & # 39; first friend & # 39; I feel lucky and fortunate to have it. Now it's going to be a point, because we do not need to say the first month because it's normal. Before that, "The big celebration of the SmackDown Towards is females". Now it's not a big deal. I'm feeling lucky beyond that.

[Cesaro’s phone rings….]

Carmelo: Dance break

Cesaro: Look, I waited for the right time …

The Wimo's Cheemas and Sensor: & # 39; Big Show gives us the edge in Advaita's range & # 39;

Carmella and R-Truth are fans of the UK

WWA university chronicling the news of the fight against leukemia and Roma Riens. How did you behave, and how does the roster fit in his absence?

Carmelo: I do not know Roman in person. Since I was in a snowdraft, I have never spent any time with him. It is destructive.

It's much smaller and more valuable for you, and you're allowing things to do. Or, the little things you think are great, and you do not really understand. So you're getting a little more and more appreciated.

WWE is not superstar's car

The women's tag-tour championship will be held to play soon. Who will be your ideal partner?

Carmelo: I think there is a possibility that women have a tag title. I do not know, car is a little bit at a glance. I always tend to keep a wall because of the reason. Like James [Ellsworth] Now is the truth.

I guess, if there is a partner, I will choose Beale, but she is my father. I want the axis got it. If you choose someone else, I will participate in the first women's team that will be the second women's teams.

We enjoy dance breaks, especially a few weeks ago Vince McMahon. Would you like to have a dance event from the celebrity's world?

Carmelo: Ooh J-Lo. Of course, J-Law is good. So it will be awesome.

The former SmackDown Women's Champion Carmella and the Charlotte Flair

Do you have another evolution of next year or do you have a female-based pay-per-view show?

Carmelo: Your guess is as good as it was in my life, but if I did it all the better the other would have been something else.

Bring us back to your first television contest, how did you feel about that time?

Carmelo: Anyway, for six months, I'm doing morale. I was very worried. So I grew up in a top-tooton, insufficient, dirty, and stenone island princess. That is what I did and guess that the remaining history is history. I've seen the clips of it, and I try to avoid it at all costs. This is disturbing.

May Young Classic has just finished, who would you like to challenge?

Carmelo: That's a good question. I have not seen all the matches, honestly, but I've seen a few, and I think the girls are cold. As I mentioned, it's great to be in the center of the women's revolution, all these women will have the opportunity to show what they can do.

I do not want to choose one. I think everyone can be the same as that. Who knows, I hope we can see them in NXT, Ray and SmackDown!

Chemis: That was the best political correct answer I had ever heard …!

You're working on a roller for the riot. One day you wandered in a segment; Can you do it for free now?

Carmelo: you know; "Yo yo, look at it twice, check it out, as it raises white rice" mile in mike! "

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