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The family alleges that a child is pregnant News


Kimberly Robbels Basilinin (17) is from abdominal island in Albe, Philippines. Her daughter started to melt, and her family members complained that they were furious and angry. Kimbersley performs an ultrasound scan when it comes to a strange break. With FishEyes on the belly and the mouth on the stomach.

Pictures – merged With Believing with Philip and Swimming Swimming in Swimming Pool WithHer undergarments came out and kidnapped her baby Sex With a Fish.

An ancient Philippine superstition indicates that Kimberly's family blocked her by carrying a legendary snake in her thummim.

A year later, a baby became relevant and the doctors checked again. Khimte'd's body in 2017 Weight of 40 Kg 10 kg dropped from 50 kg. This is a drug disruption.

Kimberly attempts to remove the money for the surgery.

She said: "I have a breathing problem, my chest is calm, like someone shakes me.

"My family thought I was pregnant, but I did not have a boyfriend, and then I believed that I was pregnant without a mystery, because swimming in the ocean WithBathrooms. "

The family understood that Kimberbuli was never pregnant – a local boy or a kid Fish.

Faith is from an ancient epic. It comes as a woman is swimming in a woman's sea WithHer hoopers and animals can enter her vagina and she will become pregnant With A mythical creature.

Pablo said: "If I were pregnant first I asked her to tell me the truth, I was angry but now I believe in her."

Despite medical evidence, Kimber's grandmother, the relatives still in her waist growth are an illusion Fish Click & # 39; Guile & # 39; From Folklore.

People living on the island of Manate Island of the Baquai area believe that five days after their months, women are far off from the sea.

Kimin Amido Robbins of Kimbbia said: "In Kimber, swimming in the sea, we are walking a short distance to our house and always reprimanding her by doing her menses, but she's so hard."

The Drug-Gynecologist Dr Kimberley Massacreset Fernandes said: "Scan is a similar one FishBut that's not it. She has a cervical odor. It is impossible Fish Within her ovary. "

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