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On December 7, the sentence was pronounced on the case of Boong Re


This will significantly affect the performance of Starter politician in the Senate in 2019

Published at 12:57 PM, November 08, 2018

The upgraded was upgraded on November 08, 2018

Soon the law. In December 2018, former Senator Boeing Rev. Jarkey announced the P224 million pending case of the Pan Barrel Scandal. Darwin Lanjith / Rapture

Soon the law. In December 2018, former Senator Boeing Rev. Jarkey announced the P224 million pending case of the Pan Barrel Scandal. Darwin Lanjith / Rapture

Philippines: On December 7, 2014, the country will see the first judge in the case of the Billon Pero Bird. Sending senators to jail is due in 2014. The Association will release the verdict. The case of "Boon" Revell Junior burglary.

The court will pronounce its verdict at 8:30 PM on December 7th. The first division of the court will be issued on November 5.

Judge Ephrone Dela Cross, Geraldine Eight and Egardo Coldo are the fate of Ravilla's fate. The Delivery date was submitted to the Supreme Court.

Rivella finished 4 years of civil war, 1 year, 2 months and the official trial. The Ombudsman Prosecutor filed an affidavit claiming that their name was included in the list. They got the projects offered by Revell's Pig's Barrel Fund.

Ombudsman prosecutors have accused Ravallah's revenue Richard Kambin, a former pawn maker, is P224.5million pounds.

Ravilla is one of 3 former senators who misuse the Priority Assistant Assistant Fund. The case of Jingoi Estrada is in the trial. Enrile Case trial is complete. Both of them are out on bail. All 3 senators are working in 2019.

Revolver's lawyer, Ramon espresso, said, "They can not believe it."

"Even if we believe and believe that the previous senator is innocent, we can not believe it," said Esgja, "although we can not yet talk about legal plans.

Rivelli's wife Lani Murkudo said, "They are simultaneously curious and enthusiastic."

"We want constant prayers for a justification, I do not want to be so angry," she said.

What happened in the trial?

Prosecutors believe they are their ultimate smoking gauge: a report The anti-money laundering council Radio records show that millions of investments will be provided from Benhouri Lee documents for mobile accounts, and a sum of money will be given to mobile from mobile phones. (Reed: Raville's case investigations: prosecution tuss ended?)

Cambay denied the witness's testimony.

Ravalla's defense team was senior leader and influential Estelle Mendoza. The accused have argued that it is not enough for the crime of looting the goods.

Liu's lawyers argued that the lawyers of Revilla's lawyers objected to Steve's objections to witnesses, and that the SEC was signed by the Securities Signature, and prosecutors were pressured to encourage Lew's story.

It was emphasized by the Senator's husband's candidacy in the 2019 election. Asked about how the spoiler case affects the credibility of the politician to take action.

"Truth will come out, justice will succeed," said the Elections Commission of the Merkado.

The rails are not inadvertently voluntary in the way he is punished under the election law. This will take the final decision of the trial. This is the case with Siangangian, perhaps appealing to the Supreme Court, and referencing lawsuits for many more years.

The prosecutor ignored the tune of their witnesses, saying that their paper trail would carry them.

"Saros (Special Allotment Release Orders) can not be published without endorsement letters or project listings. Rewlli in a scam (We have included Rawalia in corruption) "said Assistant Special Prosecutor Mariel Delfin Santos.

This will test the Esteeta Mendoza Magic. Juan Punce, who is the lawyer who looted Gloria MacAppal-Arroyo, was released on bail for Enriel.

The Mendoza court has filed a petition before the apex court seeking removal of the looted case. Rappler.com

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