Sunday , April 2 2023

Malaysia's Tai Thai in the Rebysco National Final


Bailout Tailing High School (BTTHS) Women's warm-up matches were played at the Sarawak Malaysia Malaysia at the age of 18-25, 25-7, at the Ursurs Sports Center.

Thunderbolt is inaugurated by the National Games, with the arrival of strong visitors and blocks.

The Erica Jin Deloriya team was led by six strikes, one block and one seat.

Shane Carmona and Wing Speaker Alice Bertrandna led the Baku-based City-based team to victory.

Bacolot Tae Tung recently won their third Negros Axidential Private Schools Sports, Cultural and Education Association (NOPSSCEA), the University of St La La Salle-Bacolod.

After returning to the Western Visa Regional Championships this year, they are returning to national festivals. In the semi-finals of the RWL National section in 2017, they dropped to fifth place by defeating Mendonio Tagom University.

Leight National High School Girls volleyball team defeated S Air Air from New Zealand in two sets.

The 2,000 champions from the University of Managana Dagan College, Mendoza, won the Cagayan de Oro National High School 2-0.

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