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John Sena W. WW


In December, John Sena will return to the WWW, and within a few days after the release of the new film, Bubbleby.

John Sena has been in WWE until 2002. Saina's runway is labeled as the best time ever by Stone Cold. When you take into consideration his perspective and achievement in that period, it is difficult to argue. For 16 years he has been a WWE superstar, he has been World Champion 16 times.

It's just a snippet of the iceberg that comes to DeWW's WWE achievements. However, the franchise player was ultimately opposed to his artistic wrestling. Considering his age, he takes into account the wrestling time and his own plans, WWE. Sina never gives me for good.

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In fact, thank you PWInsiderWe know that we will rejoin the army now. If you want to see him, you have to buy a ticket. The four dates announced currently are not displayed in television programs. The FIG Nonsense On December 26, 2018 at Madison Square Garden. The army will then join SmackDown Live The raster for the next two nights and the third night is December 30, 2018, December 30.

After a Christmas day in the last two years, a habit of returning to the WWW turned genuine. It is taken back to build Royal royal Getting started, so go to the road Wrestlemania. Still inspiration at this time. On December 21, 2018, the nation's largest cellar in the United States is released today. Bubbleby.

The next Renaissance wave of WWE will be very interesting. This was the first person he returned after returning to Saudi Arabia with the company Crown ornament. That problem is under a little trash. Before that, he promised to stay at the 16th championship Reschable is 35. When returning in December, it may be that the seeds are prepared.

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