Sunday , April 2 2023

Every 13 hours a HIV infected person confirmed the disease


By: Emme Ross Siyaloum

On every 13 hours a virus was found to be infected with human virus. Health Center for Health Development Department (DOH)

Caroline Tumbabobo, the nurse of CHD-6, reports that Western Viaz is in fifth position in account of the number of new AIDS patients in August 2018.

From 1986 to 2018, 2,541 cases were registered. Tomato added that 2,326 of these have been identified as the symptoms and 478 have been identified, but they have been reported to have been affected by the disease.

The Philippines Planning Organization (IOLO or Program Program Manager) said in a statement on Monday that the number of HIV and AIDS cases has increased, according to Monaliza Dion's.

Dionys said that the number of cases could be increased.

On the other hand, 276 people were killed in DoH-6. Minio City (20), Elolio Province (13) Bacolodi City 11; 7 to 7.

The Western Visa Medical Center at Western Vision, the Medical City in Ilio, Antigeal Salazar Memorial Hospital, Corozan Lockson Memorial Hospital in Negros, and Dr.Rafael Tabukon Memorial Hospital in Aucklia.

DOH-6 said their clinic was extended until 8 to 8 am, except for free laboratories and free services.

On December 1, Dr. HC's campus tours and a HIV / Aids Advocacy Ambassador will be organized on World AIDS Day.

The Campus Program aims at educating students to prevent infection. Ambassadors will conduct an inquiry on an annual basis. Tell the public about the disease.

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