Wednesday , March 22 2023

City finishes City Olympics volleyball to help CVRA


They won in the Sebu City Olympic Games and won the USPF boys and the girls' volleyball team.
Lighto Texan

Following the wrestling championship at the Sebble City Olympic Games in 2018, the South Philippine Foundation (USPF) teams and boys plan to face the next challenge. The Central Visal Regional Athletic Association (CVIRMA) conference will be held in Dumaguete in February 2019.

The USP defeated Abbullah National School (ATS) 25-15, 25-12, 25-8 to win the women's title. San Jose Union Records (USJR) Baby Jaguar, 20, 26-24, 25-17.

The winners of the Olympics have the right to represent Sibu City at the CVIRAA meeting. Allows players from other teams to organize as CVIRAAs.

Yolanda Rizari, a USPF coach, is expected to compete with the best performances in the field and the team will be given a chance to book a seat for Palestine Pumpkinsa.

Two girlfriends from San Carlos University and two girls from St Teresa's College, including three girls, will be his lover.

Two of the US people are Pierre Echilli Aballana and Kirsten Petansky. It is a baking glass from STC.

Sesil Jyjot, coach of the USPF's boys' coach, said.

He is likely to be selected from the United Junior Wilfel by Yankee, Vincent Jericho Lauren, San Jose Reichellettes University, Jelod Talsaman and Rico Academy Jr.

Even though the USPF's high school volleyball program also governed this year's Seyfi High School Volleyball tournament, boys and girls conquered the teams.

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