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Ben Rosario

The House of Representative gave a second bill to legally enforce law violations in violation of strict rules like band, drug trafficking, black money and illegal recruitment.

The launch of the Bandam Pampanzo Plenary on December 13, 2017, is the Joint Session of the Senate and the approval of the Marshall Law Extension in Minto. (ALVIN KASIBAN / MANILA BULLETIN)

(Manlya Bulletin)

When votes were cast in the House, the Congress gave 8378 approval. 4200 or anti-wireless law.

Various 8378 special legislative initiatives sought to extend the wire tapping operations when a court order was issued.

Principal writers in the riddle Michael Odilon Romero (1 Pacman Party); In Leopoldo Batto (NP, Panasan); Ferdinand el Hernandez (PDP-Laban, South Kattabato); Romeo Akop (LP, Antipolo City), Crystal Baglinging (PDP-Laban, Manila).

The sound and date of non-pending cases for general telecomcontin firms and similar industries are introduced in the new year HUB 8378 RA 4200 to maintain a record year.

Criminals have a conviction of up to six to 12 years, tens of thousands of fines and constant discontent from the public office.

Under the bill, the prohibition against wiretapping will be reduced to the following crimes: conspiracy to plot or conspiracy; Anti-piracy anti-piracy 1974 Band or Infringement of Anti-Hyper Robbery Loses; Violation of the Rebellious Act 9165 or Comrpehensive Dangerous Drugs Act; Violation of RA 9165 or anti-graft law; Unauthorized recruitment and searching have been syndicated.

Evidence relating to a party in conversation, speech and speech is not allowed unless a recording of the HB 8378 court order does not provide the person with notice. Direction.

Only WAP tapping under RA 4200 is permitted to issue a court order in cases of sedition, espionage, martial law, war, piracy and mutiny. Conspiracy against riots, conspiracy, terrorism and other threats to national security

The bill was filed in the Bill that it was an effective tool in preventing crimes against national security, but it did not apply to serious crimes.

"Unfortunately, there still are some special crimes, and in particular cases, particularly the lives and welfare of young people, are at stake," said Romero.

"Now, peace and circumstance attest to this fact, so we have to re-review the R 4200 to increase its effectiveness."

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