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After surgery, the child will undergo surgery with brain – RT World News


The baby is born in a very rare state and has a stomach like a horn that has been used to reduce stress in his brain.

The 22-month-old baby in the Philippines was born in Hyundran San Fernando. It had a small brain and a scalp containing a liquid.

Klein performed a surgery in March to avoid stress in his brain. However, due to complications in his skull surgery, the brain was broken down in unincorporated areas. As a result, a mashine skull looks like a horned horn.

Since then, this situation has become increasingly clear. In the Klein Pasig, the Philippine Children's Medical Center has been undergoing more surgeries to rebuild his skull. The complications of Claire's condition have been severely harassed by her single mother Justin Gadarin in 21st.

"I do not want to continue anymore now, since I can be afraid after my baby's strength"Said David Mail Gatherin."That's why I spend so much time to make a decision. If we do not do that, his head will become like the rest of his life. "

"Some men likewise resemble his head like the devil, but he is certainly a messenger in us. It breaks my heart to see misery, "They added.

Hydrasynthesis is very rare in developing abortion. The child's brain will be prevented from fully developing and the head becomes larger. Excessive conditions can lead to disability, intellectual problems, sight vision, and hearing perspectives. Cleaner needs a need for breathing and needs a tube.

Both Cynthia and Amma's family and social media are using the money to raise money for the child's medical expenses. Most Justin's money was paid to sell their families.

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"We sold all the goods we owned for this function. However, even after this operation, we will have to return to hospital regularly"She replied.

"The tube should be placed on her neck to prevent her respiratory behaviors every six months. I feel like my baby hurts. "

Justin says she wants Kalin to be a teenager because other children born in the past have done so in the past. This is unusual for those with hydroshenphalphy for adults – in fact, they die in months after pregnancy or birth. Although the exact causes of hydronscopy are unknown, it is believed to be a traditional defect, the National Association for Forensic Diseases.

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