Wednesday , March 22 2023

& # 39; Fix PUBG & # 39; Campaign over, but some are not happy


Life on client, server performance, conflicts, bug fixes, bug fixes, and best quality. This will be understood in the last few months and will improve the quality of games and games in 2019.

"Throughout our game trips, our main goal was to deliver new content faster, in line with the Royal Pipe Game," said Executive producer Taeseok Jang. "We agree that we have not neglected enough of these processes in this process and that we have reflected many of our mistakes, and such additional attention is needed not only with considerable effort but also to keep the bugs regular and that there is no other fault."

"So, when designing the 2019 PUBG readmarpp, our direction has changed since last year. Ensure the quality and stability is our most important value we have built the new content and the Royal geyimpleyum the new Battle of the base. In the beginning, it is possible to reduce our production speed, but this process is more phalavattakum Eal, we hope to speed up the new content has never been maintaining the quality and sustainability of our new-first aim. How long parayanavillenkilum us, and we promise you that we will try our best to reach this stage as quickly as possible. "

"We know there are a lot to improve, but what you need is just for you and the players that need them." When this is the end of the PUBG campaign in Fix, we will go ahead with our development, improve our work and improve our efforts to the lessons learned. "

In some parts of the PUBG community it has not gone well. In a thread on the game subdirectory, users will indicate a long list of bags and if they were in front of them, they will not be fixed.

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