Friday , September 30 2022

This may be the price of PlayStation Classics in Mexico


In mid-September, Sony decided to join the trend of classic consoles with the first PlayStation, 20 Predefined Games and Two Controls. His presentation shows that the product may have been reached in December and confirmed after Mexico commences.

No details have been made in our country yet, but today the game has been published in the game Planet Chain Online Store. Your signature shows It will begin on December 14 In Mexico.

Christmas gift

This is the price listed 3,499 pesRemember, in the United States, $ 100 was announced. The exchange rate is approximately 35 paise per dollar.


A few weeks ago, we asked how to import from the PlayStation class, which was via Amazon UK, approximately 2,900 pesos and all shipping, and the delivery date between December 6 and 8.

There is also an ongoing list of games that are not included in the list of players. What we can enjoy & # 39;Grand Theft Auto & # 39; Metal Gear Solid & # 39 ;, & # 39; South 3 & # 39; Resident Evil& # 39; and others.


It's important not to disclose the cost of the recommendation for PlayStation product in Latin America, so it can not be considered as an official price. So far, the original distributor console is not priced, it's a matter of waiting a bit.

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