Tuesday , March 21 2023

The teenage teenager who wanted to hit a young man in Ventina was killed by Lima


A minor minor 14 years were killed He would have tried to force the police to sexually assault him, kidnap them and kidnap them. Window

The incident happened on Saturday Window The neighbors heard three shots at 5 pm, news agency American News Agency reported.

The girl's grandfather, a retired policeman, abandoned her grandchild I said I'm going to play volleyball He does not explain how his weapon can be handed over. In her wallet the weapon was hidden and it was preserved. The family understood what happened when the police first informed police officers from the police station.

The minor kid was taken to medical examination by her mother. Their grandfather still could not speak to her. But the authorities told her about the torture of the girl Setar almida Farrow, 41, her grandmother.

Almaida Farrow was alive from 2017 after she had been living with her mother for ten years He started to disturb his companion. As a couple separated, a few years later, renting a house began to rent.

At the police station WindowOne of the relatives of the documents submitted by the mines is one from the second Family Court Topic has been reported for family rule. In addition, minor Alameda pharmacotherapy ordered.

Besides, there was a barrier to approach the accused, The youngest student in the school is 300 m in diameter. According to the document, he even harassed her in her study center.

The US would have tried to get this topic on Saturday, according to Tailicison In her room, young children were sexually harassed, but she defended herself. Conducting police and investigations.


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