Sunday , January 29 2023

Subprush in Jililí district is trying to mislead the vehicle he traveled


ERP was the deputy head of the Jilil district of Ayabaka Province in Pyura, after losing the vehicle in the village of Lyon and fell into the abyss. Aljandro Chinchaye Tymodo (61) was the reason for the accident.

The Chinchai Timothy Toyota Marka Hilux, the dark turquoise color pit p3712 was riding on the vehicle. While the height of the zipan forest in the village was unconscious, the control was lost, and it fell about 30 meters deep. Death bleeding.

The death of a subrofileIf the Sipan wing black truck in the Limnan hamlet was closed, the interviews were made that the trucks carrying political power would return to the district headquarters. The truck train occasionally crossed the line and leaped into the gorge.

The Authority of Aybakaka Public Affairs has signed the authority to remove the body and remove the procedure accordingly.

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