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Space mission to NASA and the space mission to Mars


NASA's next tour encouraged the moon and warned it "continues". He said he was "ready to move further towards Mars".

"We're going back to the moon, and we're going to go further, to Mars, we're going to have a message from the National National Agency of the US (NASA) on November 4.

In the 1960s, with Apollo Program, In 1975, NASA Chandraya made 28 missions for the final launch in Russia. Apollo 11 mission Neil Armstrong, Edwin Alridin, Michael Colin He was the first to land on the planet. NASA currently has extensive plans to explore the planet, including exploration, trade, and space force.

On December 11, the Donald Trump announced his Aerospace policy not only to raise an American flag on the moon, but also to focus more on the stability and stability. (NASA)

There are plans to build between 2020 and 2024. Think of a long-term stable project as a project to kill humans who live on satellite in their 10 years. Tom CreminsOn November 15th, the National Advisory Council's Advisory Committee informed the Associated Administrator of Strategic and Planning about the general entry of NASA's Exploration Campaign.

The NASA Planning Space Launch System (SLS) Rocket and the Orion spacecraft are expected to reach the Moon before 2028. (NASA)

Cremans described the Platform as the moon on the moon, but many astronomers had written for it.

"Personally, 2028, that is, I think it's 10 years away for humans on the Moon," the former Astronaut said. Ellen Collins. "Let's take the initiative."

Harrison Smith, The weather of Apollo 17 was also criticized by the weather. "Need urgent power," he said of launching the space launcher system rocket.

Pilot astronomer Alan L. Bean of Apollo 12 on Apollo 12 on Apollo 12, Environmental Protection Controlling Special Container Environment Charan Conrad Junior, Commander, and Bean Participated. Conrad takes the picture, reflects on the moon matrix pilot's helmet visor. (NASA)
Apollo 12 Apollo 12, a lunar component of the Apollo 12, pilot astronomer Alan L Bian, will create an environmental specific material called Container Special Container, where additional astronomers Charles Conrad Junior Commander participated. Bean participated. Conrad takes the picture, reflects on the moon matrix pilot's helmet visor. (NASA)

Months before NASA launched a memo on the agency's plan to build a space station called a space station. "GatewayNASA will build the world's most powerful rocket and space launch system (SSS) and the Orion spacecraft, "the mission of the Moon and the mission of Mars." The project is working with international partners and is always led by the US.

Apollo eight (NASA)

"The platform has an energy, inspiration, ecosystem, logistics, and airbag capacity, while considering special technological and missionary capabilities and participation opportunities, to establish gateway components in the space loading system or commercial rockets in the NASA research agency," NASA said. .

In Creme's opinion, if the time has come down, the project does not exist.

"We want us to be able to do tomorrow," he said. However, "it makes a lot of barrier to the rapidly aggressive programs and loses our expertise in other areas," Responding to the space report.

Earth's special view from the moon. NASA / Godard / Arizona State University.

Instead Mike Griffin, Present underlining of research and engineering defenses, aims to reach the Moon in 2028 "very late."

Griffin set out to return to the Moon and Gateway to collect the dense solar energy for a permanent stability and to "take all conscious speed."

The government The Donald Trumppen He previously made plans for NASA's space program to call a space mission on the domain and to protect the Earth from the Earth, the Moon and other planets.

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