Sunday , April 2 2023

Second Division: The second division, which does not qualify for the final of the Juan Aurech and Kiyincio final


The FIG The second division This Sunday, the Peruvian football player was stolen by the definition of the finalists. Cesar Vallello And Carlos A. Earthquake. Your opponents, Juan Aurich And Cienciano However, they still have a chance to fight for promotion.

As he reads it. The next season in the best segment of Peru will give the club four quotes. Secondly, the Second Division Championship Peru Cup.

The other two passes come from a home roll. In both promotions and second place championships. For this reason, Juan Aureich and Cincinno still maintain the myth that is celebrated at the end of the year.

Cesar Vallello Mannusi: & # 39; Meow & # 39; Dell Solar and Jose Zito are available for promotion & # 39; classic & # 39;

& # 39; SickleN & # 39 ;, & # 39; Papa & # 39; And third-round round trip competitions. The first meeting will be held in Cheongpo Stadium next week. The second one, a week later.

Juan Aurich scored a 2-0 defeat in the second division title Cesar Vallello In Casa Grande and Cincinno at 5-2 Carlos A. Earthquake At Mansion de Trujillo Stadium.

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