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Peruvian Selection: That's how the grammar video | Peruvian selection


The FIG Peruvian selection The training on the eighth day of Videna was completed. Beckon is preparing to deal with Ecuador This Thursday, at 8:30. At the National Stadium.

The FIG bicolor He divided the part into three parts. There was violence throughout the field. They wrote in this training: Rudis, Bennett (3), Raina (2), Flores (3). Three villains, Gallis, Carvalo, Alvarez.

Pedro Aquino spoke about the fight against Renato Tappia. He did not hide his desire to be a starter in 2 matches

In the second part of the training Peruvian selection A few minutes have passed. At this time, Golson, Renault, Flores, Corso and Calcutta scored the goal.

The FIG Peruvian selection He conducted a training match with the Sub-18s. Ricardo Garacka made the first eleven players in a friendly against Ecuador. If you want to know how the bicolor is formed, enter the following entry With Christiana Benavent: Ricardo Gera, a 14-year-old thinker at Ecuador [FOTOS]

Lewis Advíncula reached the average Lima 7 morning and went straight to Vidina. Upside after compartments, the Pvt.

Peruvian selection

Lewis Adinekula did a great deal of work. (Video: Hector Bartra)

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Peruvian selection

Playing at the national stadium is always good, Leus Andrew said. (Photo: @ Ederhernandezl / Video: American TV)

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