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Paradoxical island bijagos spread by the most dangerous diseases in the world, BBC News


If you want to visit the distant African island of the soups, you can expect a beautiful tropical paradise and tropical tropical forests.

But their islands are not beautiful, they're all right there The natural laboratory It gives a unique scene to study the cure for the most deadly diseases of the planet.

This section contains 18 islands located on the Guinean Bissau coast in West Africa and 70 islands in the region. 30,000 have their own language and exclusive tradition.

It melts with wildlife. It is saline in the Hippopotamus and giant turtle. In the isolated corner.

A saltwater is therefore a waterway
Over the years, medical researchers have been working on this line.

But in these exclusive countries there are many serious diseases. Guinea-Bissau has about 60 years of life Bijagos Islands This number is too small.

Malaria, a serious eye called a traco, That And the elephant That Intestinal worms There are particular problems in this area.

The largest medical center is located on the main island of Bublé.

However, the inhabitants of the island can fight against the same evils of the injured.

Natural laboratory

Medical researchers have been working on this lapse for years to see if some diseases in certain islands can be erased.

The reason is that the islands act as a natural laboratory Its remote habit.

This interrupts daily activities, and is very useful when trying to do it Eliminate a disease.

A boat that goes to the boats
The islands allow measures to protect the impact and protection of human intervention.

It creates a natural barrier that allows you to buy Disease control methods No cross-virus risk between the test steps.

In continents they can enroll into experimental areas, destroy them, and calculate the reasons and the determination of determination.

On the other hand, the insular areas, allowing the measurement to be precisely measured as an intermittent intervention.

There are many islands in the world, but the islands are able to connect each other, but can work at the same time. The intervention of experiments.

There are a number of diseases for many islands of these diseases.

The men in a boat
The infected hands, clothes, and flying swims can be transmitted through the tract.


Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) have initially affected trachea. Worldwide affecting 1.9 million people worldwide is an important cause of blindness cases you cann Block.

The infected hands, clothes, and flying swims can be transmitted through the tract. This happens One way That Bacteria That Claudius Often, it spreads in areas where there are not enough sanitary facilities.

In 42 countries there was a disease. At one point, there were villages that had all the children on the island.

Dr. Anna finally checks for a patient
The researchers want to know what's happening after the elimination of the disease.

Dr. Finally, trachea has been found to be in high risk before treatment of AFTL All communities with antibiotics End the broadcasting cycle.

Before and after treatment, samples collected within the eyelids helped researchers find the first phase. They are also used to identify the genetic type of infection.

This can mean what happens after the disposal of the disease locally.

When the turtle is returned, it can be determined from its determination Genetic stress If it is from an external source or is reorganized in that community.

Bijagos is a city
The islands allow accurate and precise measurement of the investigation.

The results were amazing. In the last job, 25% of the island's population discovered the disease. Now, 0.3% of people suffer from it.

It is below the WHO decision settlement limits The disease is completely destroyed The islands, but today developed techniques can be utilized in the world.

How to get Bijagos Islands

  • From time to time, it is unexpectedly exploring, but it is not a typical vacation destination.
  • Islands can range from, especially during the rainy season, no storms can come out.
  • The journey from the Continent takes at least five hours for a small ferry filled with people and animals.
  • There are few health centers. The largest island is the main islands of Bubaque, medical supplies limited.
  • Medical experts, however, may have better care for them, even if the distance and the lack of access are sometimes difficult.


The only problem faced by people in Bjögos is not only the tracks but now works in other island-related diseases.

Our current emphasis is on malaria. It spreads when the female mosquitoes hit a Pharisaic man. First, this leads Fever and headache But the other serious ones are suddenly released. Malaria is killed Every year around 10 million people worldwide.

One of the 4 maladies is due to malaria spread on the island. The mosquito has its own mosquito bites.

LSHTM's researchers
Medical experts sometimes struggle with the best care, distance, or absence.

We thought they were Resistant to pesticides.

This means the most common forms of preventing malaria – sprinkling houses with chest pains than mosquito and mosquito – does not work, which means that an alternative strategy is to be established.

It's about to agree New drugsThis transfers the mosquito through the blood vessel to mosquito.

Previous treatments are used to attack drugs, malaria pharaohs. But these drugs are mosquitoes and malaria that are contradictory and lifetime.

In this test, all island Islands receive normal controls such as cosmos nets. In some, an "intervention" islands, as well as medications. Other, "control" islands, that does not.

A group on a local island He trained in medical skillEncourage them to explore malaria by taking blood samples.

They have learned how to collect and identify mosquito with a help from our field who wants to become an expert on the island's first encyclopedia or insect.

Is going ahead

These drugs can ever be seen if they eliminate malaria in the islands.

Either lessons learned from studies may have an influence beyond the islands of the remote Bijagos.

Each study helps us to know about the disease and how it is produced, and in the future, research is developing.

With more control and precision on the islands, this can be done faster. See what effects are there in a given area, and it will bring the entire population.

The LSHTM project will continue at least for five years at Bijagós. In the meantime, malaria may use its findings to face major diseases like elsewhere.

*About this section

This analysis was developed by BBC for experts working for a foreign system. A two-year study has been conducted with the help of the British Research and Innovation Organization (BP) that the contagious diseases of Bijagos Islands will be eliminated.

Professor James Logan is the head of the Disease Control Department at the London School of Hjjin and Tropical Medicine. Follow on Twitter @ProfJamesLogan.

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