Thursday , May 13 2021

Macarena Welles' sculptor Luciano Féster Said Palo was critical of her!

He does not know, but he hears the rumors. When asked about what he meant for "Sakadas the Valletta" in Side Palai, Luciano Festor said. As in memory, Maccles Welles blamed the Third Party of Astin Paulo for "covering" their affairs. This has responded to the warrior.

"De Makrana is talking about how to speak and speak of Said and Ost," said Luciana Fouster, & # 39; Edit Shows & # 39; He added: "If I wanted to, I did not mention Makkara, I was concerned about his life and his returns, and I do not know why it's too distorted."

Zeil Pallu responded that he had grown up on this issue. "My sister is standing on a camera, declaring all the day and talking about me." Do not you think my sister left me alone for the service, but my sister does not stand in front of a camera to speak " In

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