Friday , March 24 2023

Instagram: Polo Guerrero confirms that he wants to play football in December, Intergo Alegre's Inter Peruvian Selection


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Polo Guerrero is going to play in a football stadium faster than expected. Even though the Peruvian striker abolished FIFA The Inter Intercorder will return to court in December next year. This was confirmed by social network.

Peruvian national team's top scorer is one of the luxurious guests for the Brazilian exodus. Emerson Shaik. The second indicated behind the & # 39; Preorder & # 39; Shared clothes with them CorinthiansThe open club of Polo Guerrero in Brasiliero.

This match will be held on December 7 Corinthians Arena. The video was posted by Polo Guru in his official account Instagram Many of his news have been happy. "Shake and his coward" This incident happens when we leave to football Emerson.

Polo or Guevara has been thinking about how this can be done if the suspension is suspended FIFA Until April 2019. The answer is simple: this event has nothing to do with the maximum in the world football. This is the reason for the & # 39; Preorder & # 39; Being in a friend's farewell meeting can be a problem.

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