Tuesday , March 21 2023

Instagram: Amy Gutierrez, again met with Jahi Plasencia [FOTO]


November 18, 2018 17:15 pm.

Popular singer Reina Del Toto was also happy with the news.

"Bella, Yahey Plasencia. & # 39; s a fairy tale & # 39; The track is still happy to see you again, he wrote Amy Gutierrez Inside Instagram

The viewers waited for an encounter between Daniela and Dorcort Yahey PlasenciaThis has never happened.

Recall that Daniela presented Darcut a few days ago Yahey Plasencia He does not look like an honest man. "It's very likely, but it's something that I do not like, it's totally neutral with the public, I do not think it's genuinely honest, it's just a matter, but it's turning around, and doing something else," he said. & # 39; Everyone's lips & # 39;

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