Wednesday , October 5 2022

Higuínn has gone beyond the "vile explosion" of the Juventus. Milan | Total sport | World football


Gonzalo Hiva, Proceed MilanThere was a day after that, Forget Serious A Juentus Losing a penalty, created an inappropriate graft and was abandoned by faults.

Twenty-four hours after this happened, Gonzalo Hiva In San Sin, he apologized to all the people who saw his "show". He had been forgiven by the Italian community.

"Yesterday ask expelled behavior, team, society, and I apologize sector and to all the fans. The fans are still showing me their love and love me, we are people, have feelings, but I am responsible and I think sambhavikkunnillenn again, as some understand, understand others, to all I apologize to them and get a beautiful life, "his Instagram account & # 39; PPT & # 39; He said.

The last result of the meeting Juentus And Milan It was 2-0 in favor of Bianne Nero. Cristiano Ronaldo was in this goal, and he shared clothes Gonzalo Hiva They play Real Madrid.

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