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Oli Weathererl, a 22-year-old British, has many reasons. Avoid giving the first kiss after a meeting.

One of them dies.

Surrey student in England experiences severe allergies of roots or peanuts.

As a child, he was admitted to hospital with allergies to groundnut butter. Olly recalls that her saliva is very thin.

From that time his life has changed forever. In the BBC's Newsbitt program, he told how he was facing ill health because of his recent illness in the UK.

Oriss says that if you go to the hospital for the first time after eating a butter, he is the oldest experience in his life.

His body was covered by bees, but he did not know what his body was like, like red and swollen spots.

It's not just to avoid roots. Even if you kiss a girl a day later, it is dangerous.

If she ate the summer, this nut is used as a factor in a resourceIt will cause a relativity.

"There are dead things in it," Auli explained.

"It's very risky, people who are not allergic do not usually think about it."

"If you encounter someone who causes an allergic reaction, you do not really have to think about things like holidays, flying, or even love."

"I did not ask for something to eat while I was eating food for the past, now I know," says the story of this campaign in the Food Standards Agency of the Food Standards Agency in the Ulemines.

"People who have eaten a curry or go to the pub … is not like eating the material physically, you should ask: Have you eaten some Indian dish? Did you eat a kabab?" And the two meals included in the summer season) ".

"I am avoiding it. It has ruined my night in the past, I thought all night: & # 39; Do I have a response? & # 39; ".

"I do not need much pressure, no need to worry about that, but that's a reality."

Eating a meal is something elsewhere than in your home.

Families should be aware of allergens, know what foods are there, experienced managers or some waiters.

This means that the long-lasting residence of the young man must plan his food accurately.

"Your life has a lot to do in order to provide safe food," says Auli.

"It's your naturalness, you always have to think ahead, supper-selling food is a better option than always trying to eat."

Holidays in foreign countries The danger for children 22 years old

It's not just food for airplanes. Any language barrier can create a deadly misunderstanding.

"If I experience a response in the air, many people will think: & # 39; You have your epiphane (epinephrine auto driver), you're right, but that's not all."

Airlines bring general medical devices. First trains the staff. Auli is concerned that this is not always enough.

"This is not possible on an airplane when you use an appendicane when you need emergency medical attention."

Three or four years ago, I traveled with friends in Australia and New Zealand. That was valuable. But when you have serious allergies and stay in poor hotels you can not cook there. "

"It's not a safe atmosphere, I've eaten bad food, and what I knew was right."

"You're traveling on vacation and doing all these things, but at the same time you're constantly thinking about it, is it ready for me tomorrow? & # 39; It's tired, I'm glad I did, but I did not do that again."

Recently there were two youths who were sleeping after a meal from Print A. Mears.

He reveals why food is safe in such institutions.

"There are no labels," he says. "They can make decisions without a single solution to provide good information to people with allergies."

"They are absolutely horrific stories, and there's no control," he says.

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