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George Yoshiyama was recognized in the donation to Fujisah in 2011


Yoshyaama's lawyer said he has no possibility to escape after his customer's statement and he will be remanded in custody.

George Yosiyamama Sasaki, One of those inquired Cocktails caseIn his testimony, he went to the prosecutor's office and accepted his contribution to the party Force 2011.

In this statement in the prosecutor's trial Jose Domingo PérezHe announced that he would be the contributor to the Fujimorist party after his uncle's request Jaime Yoshiyama was the Thanaakite.

"In the summer of 2011, my uncle was almost in February or March Jaime Yoshiyama Invited to me to ask whether he has a friendship in the wealth of the propagandist contribution of imperialism Force 2011 […]. He said that money was extracted from money lenders and money lenders. But they did not want to express themselves publicly on Keiku Fujimori's campaign.

According to the prosecutor's office's announcement, Jaime Yoshiyama He took away from a safe bag of bill in Bill of $ 100,000. Force 2011. "He gave me a Scotchang account to make investments, that is, not every 10,000 dollars to fill in big papers."

He also added that both financials and friends, Jiankaro, Berthini Vivanko and Eric Mattoo, were friends.

After the appearance George Yoshiyamama Before the prosecutor's office, his lawyer said that he would cooperate with the system of justice and should not go to jail without any possibility of escaping. "I request you to apply the restrictions, we ask for your consideration, so my customer ends up on a month to sign his signature, which will provide 50,000 pieces without a bond according to their financial capabilities."

Lee: & # 39; Case Cocktails & Attorneys: George George Yashia of the Police Detained

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