Thursday , September 29 2022

Fortnite is more than any steam game


Fortnite is more than any steam game

It's very impressive, but FordNight has 8.3 million players. That means, 8.3 million people per day are likely to be in online games for epic games. This peak of the Fort Nights player is, in a word, the mind boggling.

GTA V or Red Dead Redemption 2 is Fortnite's other impressive figures, such as the games that are actually Titan in sales, but at the same time they do not dream of the players at the same time.

That is why Epic Games is an exceptional achievement. These 8.3 million compete players, unusual tournaments, and another big Epic franchise are sold, and all steam games are combined. In tens of thousands of games, steam is on the pump, DOTA 2, or counter strike style.

If we look at SteamCharts' statistics, it will be more reliable, and now it's more than 4 million users who play steam. Another indication was PUBG, which allowed 3.2 million players to be added at its peak. EP has worked in its job, and it has the attention of the community.

Of course, the amazing fact is remarkable, and other big companies like activation have wished to join the Royal War with names such as the Black Ops IIII.

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