Friday , March 24 2023

Danna Valdevo Solano was elected as District Dravidian District Rani


ERP beauty and great expectation In the atmosphere, last Saturday, the new sovereignty took place at all the festivals celebrating the anniversary of the district in Tamburg. It's almost there Danna Vladiviso SolanoMayor Gabriel Madri won the title of Miss Tambangra.

Prior to the election of the queen in the district, she was selected as Miss Serpati. Lisbeth Seta Cilappa also became a new Miss Tourism tour to Mary Palacio. In addition to participating in the celebrations, they received prizes for their partnership.

Queens TuckgateTub Crantin's Kuwait | Photographs Tambour TV

On 21st of today, a Senate will be held annually during the queues and public participation. In the past four years, the conference will be inaugurated in connection with the 22nd anniversary of Peura Province.

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