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Similarly, users in the study room can only stay there for a maximum of three hours, reducing the time in the media library to one hour and fifty minutes. The focus of the Great Public Library in Lima is Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (find out more here)


To attend to these rooms, You will need to book an appointment at, Where the data of the person using the place and the date and time of their appearance should be placed. Entity tolerance is given only 10 minutes after the agreed time of admission, taking into account that one shift per day can be separated in a room.


The Great Public Library of Lima reopened its study room and media library on December 4. The BPL capacity has been reduced to 50 per cent following the health and safety protocols recommended by the state reading.


The Great Public Library of Lima resumes its face-to-face service


as well as, The agency noted the presence of passers-by holding boxes or items for sale, Which interferes with displacement by other routes, causing fertilization and the latent danger of seismic movement. Alcohol is not given to disinfect the hands (Continue reading here)


The ombudsman’s office reported that after touring the central market areas, the Messa Redonta sector and the streets around Gro Avenue, people entering the commercial area were able to see if they were doing so. Take the temperature.


In various commercial areas of Lima, the minimum security and biosecurity measures are not followed. The ombudsman’s office warned of this while urging the capital community to take appropriate action.


Ombudsman warns of lack of security measures in commercial areas of Lima


“Some cases have been reported of beneficiaries of the Universal Family Bonus (BFU) being assigned to the cellular banking payment method.The statement was read.


The National Bank He reported it Cellular banking service will be suspended For the Universal Family Bond (BFU) s / 760 collection after reporting some incidents this morning.


Cellular banking service suspended to collect S / 760’s Universal Family Bonus


Alexandro Sacco, director of the Health Promotion of Minsa, said in a statement The goal is to contribute to bridging the gaps in pandemic-affected health strategies. The first intervention of these units took place in the Shipibo-Conibo community in Romak, where mapping and health campaigns were carried out. (Find out more here)


The Ministry of Health has been able to set up 5,500 Community Health Committees (COVID-19) to detect the corona virus early. It aims to prevent serious human side effects as part of the second wave of the disease mentioned above.


Minsa has 5,500 community committees for early detection of COVID-19 and second wave resistance


The last inspection was in the province of Chupaca, where nine pharmaceutical companies, Avenue Argentina, Jr. Rufino Echenic and Jr. Miguel Gru were involved. (Continue reading here)


The operation was carried out by the Directorate of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs (DEMID) in 14 joint operations in the provinces of Huanco, Chupaka, Juja, Satipo and Chanchama. All this with the support of the National Police of Peru and its affiliated municipalities.


By 2020, 70% of the 44 pharmacies run by the Regional Directorate of Health (DIRESA) in June will not be health-approved.


Junan: 70% of the pharmacies run by Diressa are not health approved


The corona virus has been reported through the Peruvian Medical College (CMP) website as a whole since the start of the national emergency caused by the pandemic. 248 doctors – 113 lost their lives in Lima and 135 in the interior of the country Because of COVID-19. Find out more here .


CMP: 248 doctors die due to Kovid-19 and 62 remain in ICU


On Sunday, December 6, nine months after the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in Peru. With more than 36,000 deaths, about 970,000 infections and the threshold of a second wave of cases, more experts are recommending than previously warned. Find out more here .


Kovid-19: This is the first aid kit you should not miss at home to avoid contagion


“Never in the history of Peru has there been such a complex logical problem, and then who gave the vaccine, who is going to receive the second dose, how to persuade people to take the vaccine, and some people against the vaccine despite warnings”, “he said. Sagasthi stated.


In a conversation with RPP, Sagasti mentioned that when the first vaccines come to our country, it will be one of the problems. Encourage people to dose, Due to statements by some congressmen that the vaccine against COVID-19 would alter the DNA.


President of the Republic, Francisco Sagasti, Reported this Saturday that our country and government are facing a major challenge in providing vaccines against COVID-19 because many logistics issues need to be addressed in the short term.


Sagasthi: “We must persuade them to vaccinate against COVID-19 despite warnings”


Luchetti Rodriguez told a news conference that the health sector would prioritize the application of the dose. For children under 5 years To complete their vaccination schedule. He added that Minsa aims to vaccinate 164,000 children across the country.


Aldo Luchetti RodriguezThe Director General of Strategic Interventions in the Ministry of Health (MINSA) reported this Friday that it is the third National Immunization Day against diphtheria and other diseases. It will take place next Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th of December.


Only children under the age of 5 will be vaccinated against diphtheria and other diseases on December 12 and 13.


The rule was passed after 88 MLAs voted to exempt it from the second ballot. All 11 votes against the proposal were abstained.


The Congress of the Republic passed 97 votes in favor through the Virtual Plenary Session, replacing Bill No. 5905 and others (5992 and above), which guarantees access to preventive and preventive treatment. COVID-19 and other diseases.


Vaccine against COVID-19: Approved law guaranteeing access to preventive and preventive treatment

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